Day 5 of 12 Days of Giving: Gift of a Happy Home

12DaysMompactDay 5!

Everyone needs a happy home! Get to know these products that help make a happy home, and the brilliant mom inventors behind them. Then, enter to win!

Today’s products include:
– Amadora Home sheets and bedding
– KiddoTags, durable, customizable labels
– the Chirt chair cover by Chairwear Fashions
– LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls for naturally soft laundry

Today’s question: What is your favorite charity to give to?

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Today’s prize is a collection of durable labels by KiddoTags.




Meet Lori Jurans, founder of Amadora Design Concepts:
LoriJuransAs a family owned and operated business, we know that life happens at home. Let us help you transform your home into a haven of beautiful design and outstanding comfort with our high quality textiles!
Amadora is Italian for “gift of love”. From our home to yours – we send you a gift of love.

Read Lori’s full interview here.




MeetGabby Turner, Founder of Kiddo Tags:


Kiddo Tags was founded in 2009 by Gabby Turner, a stay-at-home mom of two. When she began sending her children to daycare, she noticed all the other parents were writing their children’s names on their items. Bottles, bags, binkies – you name it! If it left the house, it had a label.

Some parents actually wrote on the items with a black marker or pen. But a marker eventually washes off – and that’s if it hadn’t already smeared in the dishwasher.  Other parents used a swatch of masking tape and wrote their child’s name on that. But tape eventually comes off – and then you’re stuck with a sticky residue that picks up particles of, well, everything!

Gabby tried the labeling methods she saw the other parents use, but nothing worked well. When the daycare sent a reminder notice about keeping children’s items clearly labeled, Gabby and her husband began hunting for good labels. They found that most children’s labels are made in Canada, cost too much or come from companies with inadequate customer service. So what was this frustrated mom to do? Start her own label company, of course!

Now, her daycare center loves Kiddo Tags so much they use them to advertise the school. In fact, Kiddo Tags has partnered with several local daycare centers, printing the school logo on labels for their students. Parents label their stuff, the school gets promoted and voila! Everyone is happy!

Kiddo Tags are 100% guaranteed and CPSIA Compliant. After all, Gabby has tested the materials on her own children’s stuff! The materials used for Kiddo Tags labels are commercial grade, waterproof, and microwave and dishwasher safe.

More information about Kiddo Tags can be found online at

Meet Lindsay Satmary, inventor of Chirt.

lindsay_of_the_chirt-199x300Lindsay Satmary and her husband own a marketing company which they have operated from home since 2009. While Lindsay was lying awake one night, very pregnant with their first child, she tried to figure out how to keep their four cats from scratching up their office chairs while they were sleeping or away from home. Lindsay and her husband were tired of having to replace the chairs so frequently. She thought life would be so much easier if they could just buy a cover for the chairs. The following morning, Lindsay spent hours searching the web for this much-needed product–only to come up empty. “How is this product not on the market yet?!” she wondered…

Lindsay immediately shared her idea with her mother-in-law, Joyce, who happens to be very skilled at sewing. Joyce got to work on the idea and a prototype was quickly born. They filed for a patent and began choosing colors and patterns that they thought people would enjoy. In late 2012, Lindsay and her husband launched the website forChairWear Fashion just for fun. Only a few weeks later, orders began coming in from all over the country. They quickly realized that the Chirt was needed by so many more people than just frustrated professionals with cats: sports fans, fashionistas, corporations who wanted their logos embroidered on chairs, people who worked in a shared environment and liked the idea of washing the Chirt during flu season…and many more.
Since the soft launch of the ChairWear website, the Chirt has sold to over 38 states (as of July 5, 2013) and the orders keep coming in from all over the country!



Meet Cyndi Price, CEO and Inventor of LooHoo:


As a parent, I truly value health and wellness and know that when my family is healthy, they are happier. Like many moms, I’m careful not to expose my family to household cleaners that may contain toxic chemicals that can cause a serious illness. All cleaning products have natural alternatives that provide healthier options for our home environment. I am dedicated to educating myself in order to seek healthier products to protect the health and happiness of my family. 

I created LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, and I have helped thousands of homes protect their family’s health by providing a natural alternative to toxic dryer sheets.
Read more.

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