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The Story of Mompact

Mompact was born and grew out of need.

onceuponatimeBack in 2010, a bunch of mom entrepreneurs started communicating on Facebook. We were moms, but we were also serious about business. We were smart, ambitious inventors hoping to get our products on the shelves of Target while creating jobs and lifestyles that would benefit our families. We’d seen shows like American Inventor and The Big Idea and a new show called Shark Tank had just premiered. We googled everything and read books about other entrepreneurs, especially mom entrepreneurs, who were often called “mompreneurs”.

There was a lot to learn from how to set up a legal entity, get a patent and find manufacturers, to how to approach retailers, design proper packaging, and finance our business. There was no shortage of consultants, but most wanted large fees or a chunk of our company. We all had different backgrounds and previous careers before motherhood. We also had a lot of knowledge from researching and trying different approaches. We had many of the answers we needed to be successful right in our group. We didn’t need to pay for that advice, we needed to share it.

So, we made a pact — a pact to freely share our lessons learned, vendor recommendations, professional experience, and business insights with one another. We called it Mompact.

The Journey to Financial Success

wheresmillionAlthough the press and our friends valued our inventive nature and entrepreneurial spirit, much of the business journey was about tenacity, learning and trying new things. Our friends and social media followers thought we were (or were about to become) RICH from our “million dollar ideas” — that’s how it was supposed to work, right?

As we compared notes, we learned no one had made a million dollars yet. Competition with larger companies and limited access to long-standing distribution channels were difficult hurdles. Together, we learned how to overcome challenges, to avoid costly mistakes, and to steer clear of scammers who preyed on small business owners. Along the way, friendships developed. The group grew and we celebrated together as some of our members appeared on national TV shows, got their products into Target, or discovered great success by focusing on selling on Amazon. Some have even achieved a million dollars in sales. But, everyone continues to share freely.

Today, that spirit of sharing keeps the group going. New members join and receive mentoring from experienced business owners and re-energize members who may be feeling discouraged. It’s give and take. It’s respect and trust.

Moms Support other Moms by Nature

We believe moms should support other moms in business the way we do in motherhood. The compassion we feel when we meet a mom in need of encouraging words at the check out line, or struggling to quiet a fussy toddler at a restaurant, is the same kind of compassion and connection moms have in business. We get what the other mom is going through: how she has to juggle work and family, sacrifice financially, and learn along the way. We’re here to provide a platform for that support.There are plenty of sites and groups for sharing about struggles with teething, how to positively discipline, what healthy things to cook for dinner, and all other things “mom”.

Mompact is NOT one of those groups. We’re here for business. Of course we also support one another as women and friends, but our focus together is business.

And, YOU don’t have to be a business owner to participate in the Mompact spirit of sharing. Mompact is about moms helping other moms in business. However, we need the support of ALL moms. If you want to support moms who are trying to change the way business is done while putting family first, there are simple ways you can make a big difference:

Ways to Support Mom Businesses

  • Buy products by Moms, for Moms
  • Seek out Mom-owned local businesses
  • Support Mom bloggers and business owners by following them on social media
  • Contribute to mom charities


A Note from the Founder, Shelley Straitiff

Welcome! Over the past few of years, I’ve had the honor of getting to know hundreds of mom business owners across the country. AS a software marketer from Silicon Valley, I was used to working with men and doing business their way. Women — especially moms — approach business very differently. We follow our hearts and our passions, make decisions based on more than money, and work together for the benefit of all.

Shelley StraitiffOne group I’ve spent a lot of time with are inventors and entrepreneurs. They’ve worked hard to bring their ideas to life — designing products, learning about manufacturing, funding their businesses, creating packaging, and discovering new sales and marketing strategies. The biggest hurdle for most has been getting their products into stores. Thankfully, online shopping has helped level the competition. I hope you’ll learn more about these mom entrepreneurs and their products, and consider supporting their small businesses.

Our common goals are simple: to have a good time, do something we believe in, and to help support our families and other moms on the same journey. We hope you’ll join us.

~Shelley Straitiff

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