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We've been there

Mompact is a site devoted to providing free business resources to moms and to making connections that matter. It's a place to support other mom businesses, discover products made by moms, and connect with mom bloggers.

Mom Inventors

A great idea is just the beginning. From patents and manufacturing to retail distribution and social media, there is a lot to learn and the journey is longer than you may expect. Learn from others who have gone before you.

Mom Bloggers

Whether you are a blogger looking to expand your audience or a business who needs to find a blogger to help you promote, you can find resources here. Learn how to make a good match, stay authentic, and support one another.

Most importantly, remember WHY you are doing this!

Watching hundreds of moms immerse themselves in their businesses, it is obvious that there is a passion and a driving force behind each one. But, the life of of an entrepreneur isn't easy. Wherever you are in your journey, take some time to reflect on why you are doing this, what "success" means, and where your boundaries are. Do that every three to six months. Write it down and commit to the goals and promises you make.